Boise Greenbelt

Boise Greenbelt

The Boise River Greenbelt is a recreational and alternate transportation trail along the banks of the Boise River through Boise, Idaho, United States. The Boise Greenbelt is more of a greenway than a green belt since its character is linear. It extends more than 20 miles beginning at the Lucky Peak Dam in the east to a short distance beyond Eagle Road (Idaho State Highway 55) in the west in Eagle, Idaho. Taking into account both sides of the river and other parallel trails and spurs, the total Greenbelt trail system measures more than 30 miles.

The Greenbelt connects Boise's riverside parks with neighboring municipalities. The majority of the Greenbelt is paved on both sides of the river. However, some sections are unpaved and bicycles may be prohibited on some unpaved sections. Where this occurs, bicycles have alternate routes on residential streets or dedicated bike paths.

Motorized vehicles are prohibited on all parts of the Greenbelt. Segway's are allowed on the Greenbelt in the City of Boise providing a special permit has been obtained through the city.

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